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Timeshift – Linux recovery

Some time ago I had issues with the space on my harddrive. Without hesitation and thinking much I deleted some big data, mainly logs or that I thought.

My sytem is a Mint 20.04 and has time shift build in by default.

That means that all system and configuration is saved.

So I booted with a USB stick an Ubuntu 20.04 live image, downloaded the deb package instaleld timeshift.

After that I could recover the most recent configuration and boot into mint again.

For the record, there is also a possebility to restore Grub: Trotzdem hier eine Anleitung für grub recovery mode.

In this case it did not sole the issue.

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Resetting a Ricoh printer

Some time ago an employee asked us how to make a printer usable again for her. In Corona times we do not print a lot. So we chose Ricoh SP 220Nw.

From one side it is a documented feature, but on the other side this has to be done practically. Let’s see how to do it.

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Password manager

To save important information there different ways: A PIN, biometrical data such as face id or fingerprint or a password.

In all cases a password must be set first.

Many people may know Roboform
The basic version which has many featurwes built in is free.
A brwoser plugin can be used on any plattform of course.
If you use the software package it is only for Windows and Mac.

It is a software to generate strong passwords, log in automatically on websites and also can fill in some forms.
You can export passwords by going to the roboform Icon, then to settings, account&data and then to export.
This way you’ll get a csv with all your passwords.

KeePass is openSource and available for many plattforms as IoS, Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS and probably via ports for any other system. A plugin helps to log in automatically to websites as Roboform.
The difference is that it cannot fill in forms automatically yet.

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solve PC problems yourself

Many problems with the PC are not related to technical issue but rather to handling issues. We can say that as many customers are faced with the same problems every day. Let us show you some quick solutions to solve most non technical issues with your own hands.

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Buy a computer

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Capsis Installer

Our software can improve the life of computer makers, administrators, government agencies and many others.

One license and installation for two computers costs €35.

For a limited time till February 2023 we will install the Capsis Installer on your system for free.

Of course you are free to ask us to install also other software of any complexity. Just email to

See the screenshots below.

Capsis Installer is now multilingual

Our Icon is visible in the task bar

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Arcam 850 has bad sound and picture

As my father is a fan of high fidelity audio equipment we change receivers and equipment every now and then. We first purchased an Arcam 600 from a dealer and as an upgrade bought Arcam 850 from Ebay classifieds.

With Arcam the sound was very bad and the display over HDMI on the projector was not colourful. That’s why we decided to do a software update.

The only problem with this update is that you have to have patience. using the standard update tool shows no signs of progress, although there are any. Here we used Serial Port monitor, the trial version.

Both pieces of software are below. Note: As the serial Port Monitor is not software for everyday usage, it is not included in our Capsis Installer.

Takes more than 10 min. for convenience use the software Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor download

A side note is that someone tried to cheat us selling the Arcam for a lot less than it is worth using a fake German id. We contacted the person and she told us that she reported the case to the police. To protect her and because I am not (yet) a forensic expert I will not publish any headers.

Our current Setup is Hewlett Packard+Dac 8 DSD + TA 3100 HV A + TA 3100 HV A + TA 3100 HV V