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Capsis Installer

Our software can improve the life of computer makers, administrators, government agencies and many others.

For a limited time till February 2021 we will install the Capsis Installer n your system for free.

Of course you are free to ask us to install also other software of any complexity. Just email to

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Arcam 850 has bad sound and picture

As my father is a fan of high fidelity audio equipment we change receivers and equipment every now and then. We first purchased an Arcam 600 from a dealer and as an upgrade bought Arcam 850 from Ebay classifieds.

With Arcam the sound was very bad and the display over HDMI on the projector was not colourful. That’s why we decided to do a software update.

The only problem with this update is that you have to have patience. using the standard update tool shows no signs of progress, although there are any. Here we used Serial Port monitor, the trial version.

Both pieces of software are below. Note: As the serial Port Monitor is not software for everyday usage, it is not included in our Capsis Installer.

Takes more than 10 min. for convenience use the software Serial Port Monitor

Serial Port Monitor download

A side note is that someone tried to cheat us selling the Arcam for a lot less than it is worth using a fake German id. We contacted the person and she told us that she reported the case to the police. To protect her and because I am not (yet) a forensic expert I will not publish any headers.

Our current Setup is Hewlett Packard+Dac 8 DSD + TA 3100 HV A + TA 3100 HV A + TA 3100 HV V

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Payment details

In most cases our clients will pay up front or transfer funds immediately after completion of the task. Please use the details below to send us money.


European bank account DE88100110012624623066 please inquire account holder

Alipay/Wechat Pay 18476542332

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Übersetzungen in letzter Zeit: 21 Beautyprodukte, Autokamera, Grillhandschuhe

Unsere Firma hat neulich eine Übersetzung ins Deutsche und Französische angefertigt. Es ging darum 21 Beautyprodukte wie beispielsweise Epilatoren für den Deutschen und Französischen Markt zugänglich zu machen.

Es wurde manuell übersetzt und dann mit Hilfe von Wörterbüchern und einer Plausibilitätsprüfung nachkorregiert

In dieser Zeit wurden auch Bluetoothkopfhörer, Autokameras und Sicherheitshandschuhe (BBQ) übersetzt.