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Password manager

To save important information there different ways: A PIN, biometrical data such as face id or fingerprint or a password.

In all cases a password must be set first.

Many people may know Roboform
The basic version which has many featurwes built in is free.
A brwoser plugin can be used on any plattform of course.
If you use the software package it is only for Windows and Mac.

It is a software to generate strong passwords, log in automatically on websites and also can fill in some forms.
You can export passwords by going to the roboform Icon, then to settings, account&data and then to export.
This way you’ll get a csv with all your passwords.

KeePass is openSource and available for many plattforms as IoS, Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS and probably via ports for any other system. A plugin helps to log in automatically to websites as Roboform.
The difference is that it cannot fill in forms automatically yet.