IC sold recently real deals

Recently our company sold
GP2010IG Zarlink 500 pcs (ongoing) – the client wants 2000pcs
ILX734K 150pcs (completed, tested) – perhaps there will be more clients here
PCF80C31BH16P DC98+ 25pcs completed, tested
LM3S9B95-IQC80-C5 40pcs completed,tested
AAT1150IKS-1.0-T1 2016 1800pcs compelted, tested
AM29BL162CB-65RZI 189pcs completed, tested first deal ever

AD8130 5pcs Max4129 5pcs both were for Chinese clients who did not buy anymore

Really long deals are:
PCM-9389N-1GS6A1E 114pcs client does not reply
Advantech PCM-9389N-1GS6A1E 3pcs the client does not send money and constantly says he wants the stock

We can offer GP2015 50pcs