IC sold recently real deals

Recently our company sold
GP2010IG Zarlink 500 pcs (ongoing) – the client wants 2000pcs
ILX734K 150pcs (completed, tested) – perhaps there will be more clients here
PCF80C31BH16P DC98+ 25pcs completed, tested
LM3S9B95-IQC80-C5 40pcs completed,tested
AAT1150IKS-1.0-T1 2016 1800pcs compelted, tested
AM29BL162CB-65RZI 189pcs completed, tested first deal ever

AD8130 5pcs Max4129 5pcs both were for Chinese clients who did not buy anymore

Really long deals are:
PCM-9389N-1GS6A1E 114pcs client does not reply
Advantech PCM-9389N-1GS6A1E 3pcs the client does not send money and constantly says he wants the stock

We can offer GP2015 50pcs


Education of Children

Our company has recently held a summercamp in the Luther Academy for children to learn English. We read a lot and did some funs stuff with IT, Computers and Raspberry Pi.

Every child was given a certificate depending on his or her ability. The software used to create the pictures was Painstshop Pro 9 because it is faster and smaller than Photoshop, besides it runs under vine with some hacking.

We chose Dr. Seuss to read. The books were quite new for the children back then, for our children it is a mixed experience. While some are excited, others think that the content is no match for our digital gaming/entertainment experience.
One of the common things I noticed is that Dr. Seuss, who is a Swiss Immigrant, uses rhymes, as Die Häschenschule.

A robot was created on basis of the Raspberry Pi B plus- Here you can use any model but be sure to have it with wifi on board or with a wifi dongle
Then a cheap clone of the Arduino board with a GPIO Header controlled the motor.

The result is a robot car, that can produce tones – Any midi will do like do re mi to brother John – can move in any direction you want it to with any speed you want it to and do some more fun stuff.

You access the robot via Wifi and SSH. After you are in the system, you can write and execute you own Python code. One of the common errors is that the “block is not indented”. One of the ways to solve this issue is using another editor. For instance use gedit on Linux and rewrite the code.