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Price of ext4 file recovery

This is an article which is valid for Germany and the people’s Republic of China

We charge according to the type of fault and the time and energy spent on recovery. Fault types are generally divided into logic fault and hardware fault.

Logic failure: deletion, formatting, partition loss, file opening, garbled code, etc. the same is true for ordinary office files. If there are no fragments, the price is two or three yuan. For files with special structures such as database files, the price is not only these. The file structure is different, the storage principle is different, and the difficulty is different. Database files are often edited, so many fragments will be generated, which need to be scanned, reorganized and repaired by special tools.

Hardware failure: hard disk circuit board is broken, bad track, head damage, firmware problems, etc. Generally speaking, firmware is equivalent to a computer operating system, which controls the work of the hard disk. For example, in the event of Seagate’s firmware door, some of the hard disk was damaged due to the design defects of the hard disk. Some of them were caused by the hard disk hitting the firmware area, and others were caused by bad roads. Charges vary according to the difficulty

Opening: 1. When opening the hard disk to replace the magnetic head, a magnetic head of the same model is required as a spare part. This is the cost. Now generally, the data is recovered and charged. If it fails, the merchant will lose a disk.

2. Technology: opening requires skilled operation. In a dust-free environment (many data recovery companies in China use a dust-free workbench) and many hard disks can come out without replacing the head data. Some firmware areas are damaged and the disk surface is scratched (I would like to remind you that when the hard disk is powered on, it makes a strange noise and cannot be powered on repeatedly), it requires more time, energy and spare parts.

3. Operating costs of the company: equipment, rent, engineer’s salary, promotion of a search engine, etc

All the above are common disks. The server disk array is generally charged according to the number of disks, operating system, RAID level and damage degree.

Specific problems are treated in a specific way. In many cases, the difficulty of failure is different, and the price will fluctuate